So you're ready to start working towards your dream of becoming a makeup artist. But do you know what to look for in an academy? Here is some insight on how your makeup academy can impact your chances of getting a job!

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Does the Makeup Academy You Choose Affect Your Chances of Getting a Job?

You follow all the top makeup artists on Instagram. Every morning you wake up and look forward to creating your makeup look for the day. And your makeup collection? Flawless. It seems obvious; the next step is for you to pursue your passion for makeup as a career. Makeup artistry has been your #careergoals for as long as you can remember.

But how do you get there? You may already have some makeup skills, but YouTube tutorials are no replacement for technical theory and training. If you’re serious about beginning your training as a makeup artist, you need to choose the right school. That’s why we’ve madethis guide for you.

Continue reading to learn about how the makeup academy you choose may affect how quickly you find an industry job!

Certified or not certified, that is the question

Whether you are studying makeup or history, employers like to see the proof. Just as you would expect to receive a diploma from a college, a makeup academy should offer certificates. This is assuming that you work hard and pass your courses!

There are some schools out there that do offer makeup training sans certificates. The issue with this is that you won’t have anything to show employers when you start applying for jobs. Besides your word, of course. But, for someone that doesn’t know you, this probably won’t mean much.

eye shadow application

Your work

If you have been training as a makeup student hopefully you have been doing more than just reading a textbook. Theory is amazing – it’s the backbone of makeup application. But theory alone won’t make you a great makeup artist.

In an interview, you need to be able to tell employers how your training has prepared you for the role. Your portfolio may not be full of epic makeup looks just yet, but that doesn’t mean you don’t have any work to show off! Your makeup academy should have provided you with a variety of assignments to practice the theory you’ve learned.

The quality and challenge of the assignments you’ve completed speak to your skills as a makeup artist! The more you’ve practiced, the more confident employers will be in your abilities. This is why it’s important to choose a makeup academy that is assignment-based. Just because you don’t have a ton of clients doesn’t mean you can’t create a decent portfolio!

woman learning about makeup artistry online

Business skills

Landing a job is often about more than just your brilliant makeup game. In order for employers to take you seriously, you need to be professional! A few home printed pictures of your clients won’t make an impressive portfolio!

Your makeup academy should teach you about more than just makeup application. Upon graduation, you should be ready to start applying to jobs. If a school doesn’t cover any practical business skills you may want to re-consider enrolling.

The makeup industry is huge and it can definitely be competitive. There is so much to learn and you need to be prepared. Many makeup artists pursue a career in the industry hoping to work freelance or to start their own business. Learning these essential business skills will never be a waste. Not only will they open doors for you, but your knowledge base will help employers feel confident in your industry knowledge and skill!



There are a lot of courses and classes out there that claim to turn you into a makeup artist. It can be tempting to dive right into the first school you find. It’s an exciting time in your life! Researching your makeup school and its reputation is very important.

Since there are so many smaller schools and courses available, your employer may not have heard of your educator! This is where your school’s reputation comes in. Your employer will likely do a quick Google search to find out a little bit more about your makeup training. If there are poor reviews, scandals or complaints about the school, your potential employer won’t be impressed.

The internet is where most people go to find information. Do yourself a favor and stay away from any school that has less than a 4 star rating! No matter how great of an artist you are, if your employer uncovers anything negative about your school they will be hesitant of hiring you!


makeup brushes

Depending on where you are, you may need a license to work as a makeup artist. You can usually find this out by looking up your local regulations or by making a quick phone call!

Licenses aim to protect clients and customers. In most places, to receive your license you need to pass a written exam. Makeup artistry is a very hands-on career, but there is more to it than that! Your school should teach you how to keep your client safe and protected throughout the entire service. This means learning about makeup hygiene and safety. We know, it definitely isn’t the most fun part of the curriculum. But it’s important nonetheless.

Be sure to check out a school’s curriculum before you enroll. It would be a shame to spend your time and money on a course that doesn’t prepare you for a licensing exam. After all, isn’t the whole point of makeup training to prepare you for a career as a makeup artist?

All in all, there are a couple important things to consider when choosing a makeup academy. Do your research and seek out the best! Student and graduates are a great place to start when looking for more information. Check out a makeup academy’s student reviews and testimonials. Another great indicator of a school’s quality is the quality of its graduates. Do they have jobs? Are they successful? Don’t be afraio ask questions. Choosing a makeup academy is part of investing in your future!

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